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Breast enlargement: size matters!

Size is very important in breast enlargement.

We cannot speak in absolute terms about large or small implants, but instead about adapting them to the anatomy of the patient. The physique of the woman is what really limits possibilities, as an excessive size may cause long term problems, and selecting very small sizes will probably look out of place. Therefore, it is important to carry out a proper diagnosis, with the experience of the plastic surgeon.

“My friend has 350cc breast implants and they look great”; “they say that Paula Echevarría has 300cc breast implants”; “I’d like the same size as Sara Carbonero”. These are some of the comments we often hear in our plastic surgery consultations, among many others, and they are of course not an adequate point of reference.

The guides that determine the appropriate range of choice in the volume of an implant correspond to measurements of the body shape of the woman. Therefore, in the interest of proper doctor-patient communication and the achievement of the desired results, having latest-generation technology to simulate a breast enlargement before surgery is very useful.

Specifically, we use three cutting-edge methods to identify the appropriate volume:

  • VECTRA®3D REAL-LIFE, technology which allows real volumetric images of the patient to be taken, which can be rotated 360 degrees and viewed from all angles. Furthermore, it allows the alteration of images on the screen to “try” different options of results, taking into account the original physique of the woman and its potential individual constraints.
  • BIODYNAMIC, which helps women to feel and perceive the selection on their own body, by trying on external equipment made up of a bra, a t-shirt and various implant options.
  • Crisalix, where we return to virtual reality so that the patient can directly see on their body the different sizes that they can have after surgery, through cutting-edge VR Glasses developed by Samsung and Oculus.


This is the technological present of the aesthetic future of our patients, who after our assessment will have a clear idea of what they want and the importance of size in this situation.


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