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    What is it?

    Vithas Internacional's Medical Oncology Unit looks to provide comprehensive care for cancer patients, in terms of both diagnosis and treatment (analysing each process in a personalized manner) and also information (for consultations regarding prevention, early diagnosis or second opinions).
    We offer leading-quality oncological care through a multidisciplinary approach in response to our patients' needs, with personalized treatment throughout.
    We also provide an important prevention service. Our screening programs allow early detection of tumours, which, as many studies show, dramatically increases survival rates.


    Who is it for?

    Our service is for all cancer patients, regardless of which stage of the disease they are at. We see every patient as unique, which is why we offer individualized treatment and palliative care were necessary.
    We are also aware that the environment can play a huge role in ensuring patient's well-being by promoting reassurance and self-esteem, which is why we pay special attention to visitors and to any other needs which may arise.
    Furthermore, patients with specific medical backgrounds undergo prevention procedures in order to ensure any appearance of the disease is treated at the earliest stage possible.


    Led by

    Our unit is headed up by Dr. Hernán Cortés-Funes, the most prestigious specialist in Medical Oncology in our country. His extensive professional career, as well as his prolific research work, in particular his interest in developing new drugs, early clinical studies, clinical pharmacology and new treatments in breast, lung, head and neck cancer and germinal tumours, make him a leading reference in oncology both domestically and overseas.
    He leads a team made up of Dr. Luis Gonzaga Paz-Ares, currently the Head of the Medical Oncology Service at Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre in Madrid, and Dr. Santiago Ponce Aix, a lung cancer specialist and scientific coordinator at OncoSur.


    Distinc features

    Apart from a highly prestigious medical team, our unit offers all the techniques necessary for treating different types of tumours.
    Our specialists' on-going research work, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, define the quality of our service. We provide innovative treatments for chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, surgery and radiotherapy, offering our patients a holistic approach.
    Our stand-out care is based on personalized care programs which focus on the best treatment without forgetting human aspects. We work to achieve our patients' well-being, paying special attention to relief from any side effects of the medication, always without losing sight of emotional support.
    Both the medical team and our personal health advisers maintain constant contact with our patients, following up all cases to ensure they feel accompanied at all times and receive the unique treatment they deserve.

    What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

    What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

    We offer individualized oncological diagnoses and treatments for different types of tumours through a multidisciplinary approach combined with the different specialties involved. Our team studies the particularities of each case and works in a coordinated, multidisciplinary manner to find the best option for each patient.

    We are also concerned about quality of life for people with cancer. The work we do to alleviate any pain is particularly worthy of note in this area.

    Another aspect we work on is early diagnosis. We carry out cancer screening based on a range of tests, allowing us to detect possible anomalies and anticipate the disease should it exist. Genetic medicine, a field where much progress is being made to speed up the identification of individual genetic variants associated with increased risk of the progression of the disease, is of vital importance in this regard. All this allows a more precise diagnosis and prognosis, designing preventive treatment as necessary.

    We also offer informative consultation sessions for high-risk patients or patients who have been diagnosed or treated previously and are looking for a second opinión.