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What is it?

Clinical Psychology is a unit designed to address the emotional needs of our patients.
Clinical Psychology is the area of psychology which specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of our mental and behavioural health and wellbeing. And also in research, study and prevention of healthy outcomes by giving counselling and advice to individuals, agencies and communities.
Through a careful evaluation we study and analyse each person´s presenting problem as well as the context, the onset, and the contributing factors that have played a role in its development. With the collaboration of the patient we develop a treatment plan with the specific goals to achieve. Once agreed we start the treatment process.
Through psychotherapeutic interventions we help individuals, couples and families with emotional support and advice on how to improve overall functioning, wellbeing and quality of life. By being aware of the strong mind-body link we emphasize health optimizing strategies and we prioritize coping with stressors and strengthening emotional resilience.


Who is it for?

This unit is designed to help adults and children, as well as adolescents, to deal with the psychological problems that affect them, whether caused by medical conditions (acute or chronic situations, for example, following a heart attack, accident or chronic illness), or other emotional issues (e.g. anxiety, panic attacks, depression) or limitations when managing everyday life.
We also work with hospital doctors with patients who need any kind of assessment, support or psychological follow-up. For example, after surgery.
In the department of clinical psychology, we focus the treatment on improving the overall well-being of the patient. Aware of the strong mind-body link, our treatments are designed to strengthen behaviours that optimise health, reinforce stress management skills and promote emotional resistance or resilience.


Led by

Raquel Meizoso, Master’s in Psychology from Harvard University, leads the Unit. She has 30 years’ experience in both national and international hospitals, in psychotherapy for outpatients and in various specialist areas handling emotional situations caused by medical problems, as well as in individual, couples and family psychotherapies.
Having worked in several countries with patients from different cultures, she is used to contextualising problems according to different beliefs and cultural values and providing therapy in several languages.
An area of particular interest for her has always been the way mental problems interact with physical problems, and for this reason, she specialised in the Harvard-Benson Institute of Mind and Body Medicine, specifically in stress and immunology-related problems.

She also studies in depth any progress made in neuroscience, developing her skills continuously at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.


Distinctive aspects

There are several orientations within clinical psychology (psychodynamic, systemic, cognitive, humanistic, etc.) and our unit offers a comprehensive care profile.
Our assessment and treatment are fully personalised, and therefore we offer different formats depending on the particular needs of each patient, always taking into account any progress in psychotherapy, neuroscience, psychosomatics (mind-body) and psychopharmacology.
We want to be the “primary care psychologist" where patients feel free to come for a consultation in relation to any type of psychological need, offering primary psychological care as and when required by the patient. There are various formats, both in person and online.
In addition, given our international vocation, we provide our services in English, French and Spanish. We are completely familiar with the medical and educational systems of Spain, France, UK and USA.

What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

In our unit, we provide assessment, diagnosis and, where appropriate, treatment and/or counselling services for young people, adults, couples and families who have difficulties in areas such as:
• Anxiety,
• Problems adapting to a new culture, students in "study abroad" programmes and expats
• Learning difficulties and their consequences in the family
• Bullying
• Depression
• Chronic diseases, for example: diabetes, chronic fatigue, transplants
• Couples problems
• Eating disorders
• Acute medical conditions, for example: irritable bowel syndrome, total or partial loss of vision
• Mood disorders
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Problems relating to stress
• Stable weight management problems
• Sleep problems
• Memory problems
• Attitudes towards ageing
• Infertility problems
• Menopause

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