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    What is it?

    In our Hand Unit we treat all hand, nerve and peripheral nerve pathologies, applying the newest techniques, such as arthroscopy for wrist injuries, in which we are pioneers, and minimally invasive surgery.

    Hand injuries may affect anyone, whether due to carrying out certain work, sport (handball players, football goalkeepers), music (for example, pianists), manual labour which requires repetitive and constant hand movements, or for gender reasons, as certain pathologies are more prevalent in men or women.

    Led by

    Dr. Miguel del Cerro, specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, with over 30 years of professional experience, is head of our Unit.

    He is an expert in hand surgery, a field which he entered during his training as a resident, and is a point of reference in the application of innovative techniques, such as wrist arthroscopy. In fact, he was the professional in charge of teaching the first training of this technique in Spain, in A Coruña in 1992. He currently organises an induction course and an advanced course on wrist arthroscopy every year, at the Medicine Faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid.

    He is a strong advocate of superspecialisation within his field, stating that for a professional it is essential “to do what must be done, to do it well”.

    Differentiating aspects

    Our purpose is to provide excellent attention and assistance in all hand pathologies. To do so, we have the most advanced technology and constantly carry out research to offer our patients a full, comprehensive and exclusively dedicated service.

    The most common techniques of our unit are:

    • Wrist arthroscopy, a technique in which, with minimal incisions, we insert an optical fibre which allows us to view the handling of equipment, to carry out the intervention.
    • Microsurgery, in which we replace magnifying spectacles with a microscope to carry out surgery.
    • Covers, within which skin flaps stand out, used to cover hand tissue defects.

    In addition to all of this is our ongoing training and research, paying special attention to anatomy, to offer the latest advances, using less invasive techniques.

    What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

    The most frequent pathologies within our Unit are:

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome: consists of the compression or trapping of a median nerve in the wrist. It affects women more often, especially during menopause, and also, to a certain extent, during pregnancy.
    • Trigger finger: this is relatively frequent in manual work and may be treated with infiltrations or surgery.
    • Dupuytren’s disease: this is a pathology of the fascia, the membrane located under the skin, just over the tendons, which swells and causes a twist in the finger. It is more common among men, and may be due to certain genetic factors.
    • Rhisarthrosis: this is arthrosis which affects the base of the thumb. It appears more frequently in young people and is more common among women than men.
    • Radial fractures: may be treated by arthroscopy.
    • Trauma or post-trauma effects: there may be stiffness or deformities which require a specialised treatment.

    Our Services

    Hand and Wrist Trauma Surgery

    • Tendon surgery: flexor and extensor tendon department
    • Local and free coverage of upper limb
    • Injuries to hand ligaments: acute and chronic
    • Radial fractures
    • Post-trauma hand and wrist surgery: stiffness, ankylosis, corrective osteotomies

    Rheumatic Hand and Wrist Surgery

    • Rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic diseases that affect the hand and wrist
    • Arthritic hand and wrist surgery: tendon transfer, hand and wrist joint replacement
    • Rhisarthrosis surgery

    Carpus bone surgery

    • Recent and delayed injury to the carpal scaphoids
    • Vascularised grafts for carpal injuries
    • Kienböck’s disease
    • Scaphoid fractures and non-union

    Wrist arthroscopy

    • Triangular fibrocartilage injuries
    • Scapholunate ligament injury
    • Carpus instability
    • Arthroscopic treatment of radial fractures
    • Wrist pain

    Peripheral nerve microsurgery

    • Compressed nerve syndromes: carpal tunnel syndrome, compression of ulnar and radial nerves
    • Brachial plexus surgery
    • Palliative surgery for nerve paralysis: radial, median and ulnar, and combined paralysis
    • Muscular and tendon transfer
    • Spasticity surgery

    Reconstructive surgery

    • Limb reconstruction surgery through local and free fasciocutaneous and muscular flaps
    • Vascularised bone grafts for the treatment of fracture non-union, bone defects, reconstructions due to bone and tumour resections

    Other pathologies

    • Dupuytren’s disease
    • Finger tension
    • Hand and wrist tumours

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