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What is it?

At Vithas International we offer our patients a fully innovative service based on the “personal doctor”, a doctor for both national and international patients, who takes charge of the health of the whole family.

In our Unit we offer comprehensive service, applying the newest knowledge in order to maintain health at a physical and psychological level, guaranteeing a holistic view in each case.

Led by

Dr. Cecilia Almuiña is head of the International Medical Institute. She is a specialist in Family and Community Medicine, and her vocation for caring for patients in all its complexity has defined her professional career.

As she states, the population requires comprehensive care, and desires the security of having a doctor who knows how to guide them to improve their state of health. The doctor that knows their patients personally takes care of their diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and coordinates with other specialists when necessary for their evaluation. We also avoid overlaps in processes, as everything is unified.

Differentiating aspects

At the International Medical Institute, service is fully personalised and constant, combining the patient’s healthcare in a central figure.

The personal doctor, along with the personal health advisor, are directly involved in care for each individual.

Our goal is to be a unit of reference which goes beyond the consultation, as we provide domestic care, service by phone or email, emergencies, and ultimately, serve any healthcare need of the patient.

We have a highly qualified healthcare team that focuses on all processes of care, seeking the maximum satisfaction and applying the latest scientific knowledge.

In addition to our team, there is the infrastructure of Vithas International, which has all the necessary advances, both for patient care and monitoring.

Our patients

At the International Medical Institute we work with all kinds of adult patients, from healthy patients seeking prevention, to chronic patients with various pathologies, whose monitoring and treatment requires a highly qualified medical practitioner.

Our service includes long term monitoring plans, personalised based on the profile of the patient.

What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

Services available at the International Medical Institute

  • Diagnosis and treatment of conditions of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine
  • Full attention for patients with various pathologies, in coordination with other specialists
  • Monitoring and treatment of flare-ups of chronic illnesses
  • Preventive healthcare check-ups and full medical examinations
  • Control of cardiovascular risk factors
  • Study and advice on healthy lifestyle habits: nutrition, physical exercise, sleep hygiene, stopping smoking, etc.
  • Early detection of neurodegenerative disease
  • Home medical care

Furthermore, at the International Medical Institute we also particularly emphasise caring for the mind, through the detection of clinical situations which may result in a loss of stability of the emotional state, such as sadness, anxiety, lack of concentration and lack of sleep.

In the same way, we provide nutritional advice through the comprehensive evaluation of obesity. We establish recommendations for reversing bad eating habits, which increase the risk of suffering from metabolic cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases, certain forms of cancer, and dermatological and gastrointestinal conditions.

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