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    What is it?

    Given our vocation for healthcare, always personalised, at Vithas International we have established the Personalised Predictive Medicine Unit, a commitment to prevention, aimed at maintaining the optimal quality of life and health of our patients.

    We are aimed at both individuals who have certain specific medical histories, as well as those who wish to know the risk of suffering from certain illnesses.

    Our strength is based on having expert professionals in the field of predictive medicine and having the best laboratories in the world in the field of predictive tests, with the sole objective of providing the most advanced information and making it available to our patients to reduce the likelihood of developing an illness.

    Led by

    Our professional team has experts in the field of predictive medicine, specialised in the different areas addressed, all coordinated by Dr. Pedro Pérez Segura, a national and international point of reference in the field of genetics and hereditary cancer and a pioneer in the implementation of the Genetic Advice Unit for Oncology.

    As he states, investment in prevention is changing the evolution of human beings. Technological advances have helped greatly, but we must not forget that each human being is different, and this is where the professional and the doctor-patient relationship is important. Personalised attention to each individual is necessary, as well as closeness with professionals.

    Dr. Antonio López Farré, consultant at Genetic, Life and Health S.L, acts as a scientific coordinator in the Personalised Predictive Medicine Unit.

    Differentiating aspects

    The essential value of our Unit is that beyond interpreting the real, specific risk of each individual, we carry out a fully personalised programme of monitoring, coordinating the necessary actions in each case to achieve prevention and continuously evaluating the patient.

    The objective of predictive medicine is to evaluate the risk, in a personalised way, of an individual developing a certain illness or process.

    To achieve this evaluation we use elements common in clinical practice (medical history, examination, family background), along with more advanced diagnostic tests (genetic tests, specific analyses, radiology).

    Based on all data obtained, our professional team interprets the results, identifies the specific risk of a certain individual, and most importantly, proposes a personalised prevention programme.

    Our Services

    Within the Personalised Predictive Medicine Unit, we offer:

    • A detailed current and future risk evaluation for certain disease processes.
    • Undertaking of genetic studies, as well as other tests which allow the risk to be determined as specifically as possible.
    • The proposal of a risk prevention and/or reduction plan based on the characteristics of each case.
    • Coordination with the other professionals involved in managing each specific case.
    • Periodic monitoring.
    • Periodic update of knowledge on medicine in specific cases to improve healthcare.
    • Psychological assessment related with the process.

    What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

    Areas of action

    No field of medicine escapes preventive medicine, therefore we act in different fields:

    • Oncology
    • Clinical Genetics
    • Endocrinology and Nutrition
    • Otorhinolaryngology
    • Cardiovascular
    • Clinical Psychology

    Likewise, other areas of Medicine are incorporated based on the advances achieved in this field.


    Led by Dr. Santiago Cabezas, the area of Oncology is focused on:

    • The quick identification of cases of hereditary and sporadic cancer.
    • Evaluation of the personal and family risk of hereditary cancer.
    • Identification of both the most frequent syndromes of hereditary cancer (breast and ovarian cancer, hereditary bowel cancer), and less common syndromes.
    • Molecular diagnosis based on multi-genetic panels that allow the identification of both the alterations of common and uncommon syndromes of hereditary cancer and the identification of alterations in cases of familial aggregation of cancer that does not fulfil clinical criteria for a specific syndrome.
    • Estimation of the risk of hereditary cancer based on clinical data and the result of genetic tests.
    • Establishment of the best monitoring and risk reduction strategy for the patient and their family.
    • We offer specialised psychological support for individuals at risk of hereditary cancer and for their families.

    Clinical Genetics

    In this field, led by Dr. Víctor Martínez, our work is focused on:

    • Offering a clinical and molecular diagnosis of genetic illnesses, as well as identifying those with genetic disorders.
    • Preventive identification of patients and/or family members with inherited predispositions or risk of developing late onset genetic syndromes, providing the time necessary to take suitable measures.
    • Providing genetic guidance that allows our patients and their relatives to make decisions about their genetic health, including advice for reproduction, the interpretation of results of genetic tests, and providing reliable information on diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of genetic illnesses.

    Endocrinology and Nutrition

    Within this area, led by Dr. María del Pilar Matía, our services include:

    • Personal consulting from the perspective of Nutrition and Endocrinology, taking into account genetic variability, the environment of the patient and their lifestyle, for the prevention of chronic pathologies and vulnerability.
    • Working in a multidisciplinary way with other units, within the same project, for the overall evaluation of risk, dietetic advice and change in the lifestyles of patients.


    Our objectives in the area of Otorhinolaryngology, led by Dr. Manuel Gómez, are:

    • Prediction and prevention of risk of suffering genetic hyperacusis or hearing loss, as well as the study of existing loss.
    • Identification of predictive factors of the development of malignancies on the areas of Otorhinolaryngology: larynx, oral cavity, paranasal sinuses, primary tumours of unknown origin.


    Dr. Guillermo Moñux Ducajú, specialist in Angiology and Vascular Surgery, is head of the Cardiovascular area, with the following objectives:

    • Comprehensive preventive diagnosis of vascular risk, established through the analysis of risk factors, in adults of over 50, such as smoking, high blood pressure, dyslipidaemia and diabetes.
    • Early detection of carotid disease, risk of stroke (Echo-doppler of the supra-aortic trunks).
    • Early detection of abdominal aortic aneurisms.
    • Early detection of peripheral arterial disease (Arterial echo-doppler).
    • Early detection of chronic venous insufficiency (Venous echo doppler).
    • Early detection of risk of venous thrombosis (Genetic markers).
    • Detection of cardiovascular risk in diabetic patients.

    Clinical Psychology

    Within this area, led by Dr. Helena Olivera, we focus on the psychological assessment of patients and families with a high risk of cancer.

    Furthermore, our services include:

    • Psychological evaluation
    • Personal psychological treatment
    • Family psychological treatment
    • Handling of difficulties in communication of genetic results
    • Intervention in issues associated with the recommended preventive measures

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