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    What is it?

    Our Unit has the objective of improving the aesthetic and functional aspect of different body areas and structures, all thanks to specialists in the most advanced plastic and aesthetic surgery techniques.

    We help men and women to feel better and strengthen their self-confidence, attending to them in a personalised way through a direct and effective doctor-patient relationship.

    Led by

    Our Unit is led by two reputed plastic surgeons, Doctor Antonio Porcuna and Doctor Isabel de Benito.

    The extensive professional career of each of the specialists, renowned both nationally and internationally, endorses the prestige of all the services that we offer.

    Differentiating aspects

    Our studied protocols for diagnosis, surgery and post-operative care allow us to attend to the different expectations of the patients, as well as maintaining the highest level of results, preventing any risk.

    Furthermore, our team has the most advanced technology to favour understanding between the surgeon and the patient, a determining factor when fulfilling the wishes of each individual. Therefore, we have breast enlargement simulators and other devices that allow the result to be previewed before surgery.

    What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

    Our Unit is structured in three areas:

    • Breast surgery: led by Dr. Isabel de Benito
    • Facial and body surgery: led by Dr. Antonio Porcuna
    • Aesthetic medicine: led by Dr. Isabel de Benito

    We also have collaboration from other specialists, to provide a multidisciplinary approach to aspects to correct which are likely to be evaluated jointly with other doctors.

    Breast surgery

    Breast surgery has the objective of correcting breast imperfections. Most commonly this is enlargement or reduction, but we also attend to other types of demand, such as breast lift, the correction of asymmetry, and in the case of men, gynecomastia.

    Our ultimate objective is to achieve the optimal result for each patient, attending to their physical characteristics and possibilities, carrying out a personalised study in each case.

    Facial surgery

    The most requested facial surgery interventions are:

    • Eyelids: blepharoplasty is an intervention often requested by both men and women. It rejuvenates the face through the elimination of fat and the excess skin and muscle of the upper and lower eyelids. We carry out the intervention with a local anaesthetic and the patient can go home the same day.
    • Cheekbones: cheeks augmentation emphasises this part of the face, providing a better appearance to the facial outline and the skin. It can be carried out with implants, although currently the most modern techniques allow filling with fat from the patient themselves or with hyaluronic acid.
    • Nose: rhinoplasty is the surgery that we use to give a new shape to the nose, whether to reduce or increase its size, change the bridge or the tip, correct deviations or narrow nostrils. It offers progressive results, and our patients will notice the change over the months.
    • Ears: otoplasty allows the size of large ears to be reduced, or placed in a normal position when prominent. It is an intervention that is also carried out on children from 4 years of age. Patients are discharged the same day, and in one week can return to their usual activity. This surgery offers definitive results, which are not altered over time.
    • Chin: chin surgery has the objective of improving the shape of the chin, whether in size, in which case an implant is used, or because it is very prominent. It allows a significant improvement to the facial outline and profile.
    • Lifting: we improve the most visible signs of ageing, tensing the muscles of the face, eliminating excess fat and redistributing the skin of the face and neck. The results are natural and expression is not lost.

    Body surgery

    The different techniques that we carry out on the body are:

    • Liposuction: this is the most popular aesthetic intervention in Spain. It allows the improvement of certain body areas where there is an accumulation of fat. The results are very natural and it considerably improves the outline of the body. Our technique can be optimised based on the case, through the use of the laser to break the membrane of the fat cell, releasing the content and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
    • Abdomen: abdominoplastia improves the appearance of the abdomen through the elimination of excess skin and fat. The intervention allows the abdominal muscles to be tightened.
    • Arms and legs: brachial lifting eliminates excess skin in the upper area of the arms, while crural lifting rejuvenates legs, returning turgor to the inner thighs. Both are usually carried out in combination with liposculpture.
    • Intimate surgery: corrects small deformities, whether congenital or acquired, which make intimate relations difficult. The most requested interventions are: the reduction of labia majora, the reduction of labia minora, liposuction of the pubis and reconstruction of the hymen.

    Aesthetic Medicine

    Aesthetic Medicine has the objective of improving certain areas of the body with non-surgical techniques. In our Unit we carry out minimally invasive procedures.

    The treatments that we offer are:

    • Botulinum toxin: applied through infiltrations, it is a painless technique that allows rejuvenation of the face, as it relaxes the muscles.
    • Vitamin infiltration: to stimulate and maintain cellular metabolism, providing numerous benefits.
    • Mesotherapy: consists of administrating small intradermal injections with various products in order to strengthen the tissues and activate circulation.

    Facial fillers: improves the flaccidity of the skin of the face and returns its volume. We usually use infiltrations of hyaluronic acid. The results last between 12 and 18 months.