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    What is it?

    Vithas Internacional's Communication, Speech and Language Institute specializes in diagnosing, evaluating, treating and rehabilitating voice, speech, language and communication pathologies in general. It also provides rehabilitation in the case of neurodegenerative diseases that can produce alterations in the aforementioned levels, as well as those that can affect the development of children and young people, such as deglutition disorders or pathologies of neurological etiology.


    Who is it for?

    Our services are for all people with difficulties or handicaps in their voice, speech, language or communication in general, both adults and children or adolescents.

    In the case of children, we deal with all aspects of learning and communicating, as well as problems with swallowing, voice pathologies and neurodevelopmental disorders.

    We offer adult patients a wide range of services that cover disorders related to voice, speech and language, as well as problems derived from brain injuries, trauma and stroke.

    Our service can also provide comprehensive studies and rehabilitation techniques for communication professionals or people who work with their voice, such as singers, teachers and actors.


    Led by

    Julio Ampuero, a prestigious specialist in Clinical Speech Therapy, Phonoaudiology and Phoniatrics, directs Vithas Internacional's Communication, Speech and Language Institute. His extensive professional career in voice assessment and rehabilitation makes him one of our country's leading experts in this field.

    He leads a team made up of the specialists Sara Magallares Sánchez, a neurologist and specialist in Phonic Studies and Vocal Science, Janaína Mendes Laureano, a graduate in Phonoaudiology and a Voice Doctor, and Mª Victoria Ruíz Pérez, a graduate in Education Science who specializes in Speech and Language Pathology.


    Distinct Services

    We have a multidisciplinary team and work in coordination with other specialties, such as ENT, Maxillofacial, Neurology, Psychiatry and Neuropsychology, thus ensuring we offer a comprehensive service.

    The use of innovative techniques applied to diagnostic processes and rehabilitation programs is undoubtedly our differentiating value. We also offer our patients the latest in all advances, in order to ensure very precise diagnoses before establishing the most suitable rehabilitation, including

    Cutting-edge equipment for more precise diagnosis with the latest technologies: bio-med-phone, bio-met-ling, medivoz (programs for acoustic voice analysis), Olympus hdmi camera, Praat audiometry and program for phonetic speech analysis. This high-definition state-of-the-art equipment is only available in very few hospitals in Spain.

    Holistic Rehabilitation: multidimensional, multidisciplinary and transversal.

    Use of individualized ICT (information and communication technologies) through applications, tablets, and online rehabilitation techniques.

    What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

    What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

    • Dysphonia: involving audiometries, spirometries, anatomical, acoustic and perceptual examinations (including VHI and GRBAS tests), stroboscope, laryngoscope, Olympus camera (NBI) and measurement of acoustic parameters (including Medivoz, Praat and Glotex).
    • Dysphagia: we measure parameters such as efficiency-time, safety-aspiration. As clinical methods, we use the specific clinical history and the volume-viscosity examination. In addition, we use videofluroscopy and pharyngo-esophageal manometry as complementary examinations.
    • Stroke: evaluation and assessment of the type of aphasia. General and more specific language tests will be applied based on the patient's medical history, such as the Minnesota Test, Boston Test, PICA, BNT, or verbal fluency tests.
    • Child and adolescent disorders: evaluation, diagnosis and assessment of SLI (specific language impairment), dysarthria, ASD (autism spectrum disorder), all by means of specific tests.
    • Dyslalia: we carry out relevant tests to ascertain the articulation points to be rehabilitated, in accordance with age.
    • Atypical swallowing: diagnosis and rehabilitation to recompose coordination of facial muscle movements.
    • Maxillofacial surgery and laryngectomy: assessment of aetiology and severity of the case.
    • Neurodegenerative pathologies, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Sclerosis and dementias. We carry out post-neuromodulation rehabilitation.
    • Professional voice: study of voice parameters and speech optimization, specifically for voice professionals such as actors, speakers, orators.