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What is it?

Healthcare in its broadest sense, and the use of physical activity as a contributing element in more conventional treatments, and as a primary and secondary prevention element in all pathologies, have led to the establishment of our Sports Medicine and Physical Activity Sciences Unit.

Our goal is to improve the health of patients so that they can be healthier people, helping them to alter their habits based on their own needs. Ultimately, the patient is “prescribed” a better lifestyle.


Led by

Doctor Juan Antonio Corbalán, specialist in Sports Medicine, a field which he has entered after a successful career as a basketball player, winning multiple awards and considered the individual player with the most trophies in the history of Spanish basketball.

As he states, “Sports Medicine is medicine based on functional capacity”, so that the patient can establish habits to become healthier and improve their performance.

Multidisciplinary healthcare

We work in coordination with specialities that allow the full diagnosis and treatment of the patient, offering comprehensive care.

The specialities of our Unit are:

  • Internal Medicine, led by Dr. Marco
  • Neurology, led by Dr. Utrero
  • Cardiology, led by Dr. de Agustín
  • Endocrinology and Nutrition, led by Dr. Brito Sanfiel

Services of the Sports Medicine and Physical Activity Sciences Unit

  • Sports check-up
  • Consultation: neurology, neurophysiology, internal medicine, cardiology, sports medicine, dietetics.
  • Examinations: electrocardiogram, stress tests, electromyography, echocardiogram, Holter blood pressure, histaminosis food intolerance test.

Sport physiology: prescribed physical activity

Our Sport Physiology Unit, led by Doctor Corbalán, seeks for any individual to obtain a maximum level of physical activity, always with professional guidance and adequate and constant monitoring from specialists.

We are aimed at both individuals who exercise regularly, and those who have never done any physical activity and wish to begin, even if they suffer from a pathology and wish to use sport as a therapeutic method of support and assistance.

Here they will have the necessary medical advice which will allow them to achieved better functional capacity.

Differentiating aspects: 

Personalised advice and monitoring

The guidelines for good health always include optimal nutrition and hydration and exercise; therefore it is essential to integrate physical activity within an increasingly sedentary modern lifestyle.

The step before establishing these parameters consists of creating a medical report for each patient through relevant tests. In most cases, our services include:

  • Analysis
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Stress test with ergo-spirometry, which indicates oxygen consumption and the production of carbon dioxide. This test allows the parameters that it evaluates to be measured directly, providing us with a comprehensive study of physical activity.

We offer fully personalised advice and indicate the most advisable exercise in each case. Our ultimate aim is to increase the maximum level of work of each patient, which results in better health and wellbeing.

Functional capacity is one of the key elements in the perception of quality of life. From this unit we aim to achieve a healthy lifestyle with the best physical form, so that this state acts as a preventive element against illness, or works against it.

Chronic Fatigue Unit

Within our Unit, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) deserves special attention. It is a complex illness which involves a reduction of functional capacity. The typical symptoms of patients include general tiredness, associated with alterations in motivation, cognitive problems, various types of pain, repeated infections, especially in the oropharyngeal area, and disorders in sleep regulation and the autonomic nervous system.

The heads of this area are Doctor Juan Antonio Corbalán and Doctor Eduardo Gómez Utrero. They are also accompanied by a Neuropsychology team.

Due to the difficulty of diagnosing CFS, it requires experienced professionals. Our team has over 15 years of experience working in this specific area.

We are aimed at all patients affected by this pathology or with a suspected diagnosis. Symptoms such as functional incapacity, asthenia and limiting pain are common in this type of patient, who are mainly women, and in many cases misdiagnosed.

Establishing the diagnosis with clinical certainty is the first step. The starting point is that the patient has suffered symptoms for at least 6 months.

Differentiating aspects

Our aim is to obtain a diagnosis, not only of symptoms, but also of the characteristics of the patient, so that a personalised treatment can be created, with exercise based on the capacity for functional recovery, to alleviate the symptoms, and as far as possible allow the social and working integration of those affected by CFS. If required, we will carry out neurocognitive rehabilitation workshops.

Fibromialgia, alterations in sleep, depression and food intolerances are often related symptoms.

From the Chronic Fatigue Unit, we collaborate in a special way with health associations in order to facilitate handling of this syndrome, which causes a lot of suffering in addition to the illness itself.

AFINSIFACRO and SFC-SQM MADRID are two of the associations that we work with most closely, although our objective is to reach all health associations to ensure comprehensive care for these patients.

Furthermore, we promote national and international symposiums and collaborate in workdays for scientific dissemination to raise awareness on CFS.

What does it diagnose? What does it treat?

Our Unit encompasses two areas:

  • Sport Physiology
  • Chronic Fatigue Unit

With a multidisciplinary vocation, we cover specialities which, in addition to those which are purely for sport, are related with the reduction of functional capacity.

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